Engender value for customers, partners and employees through sustainable projects that bring knowledge, information and optimize processes and costs ensuring international trade operations.




  To be reference in the south of the country delivering high performance projects.



  • Prospecting new suppliers and products;

  • Price negotiation, Incoterm and other commercial conditions;

  • Instruct the supplier regarding the necessary documents for the customs;

  • Analysis of the necessary licenses to import according to each product;

  • Quotations with dispatchers, national and international freight agent, insurance and etc.

  • Provide the forecast of all costs (taxes, expenses, merchandise and etc.), along with the financial and logistical flow foreseen for the operation;

  • Comparative of imported and national values;

  • Final project report.


  • Analysis and market research;

  • Overview of Brazilian exports;

  • Identification of markets abroad;

  • Prospecting international clients;

  • Identification of potencial contacts;

  • Provide the spreadsheet with customer data;

  • Elaboration of diagnosis and SWOT analysis;

  • Project action plan.


  • Quotation of freight and other expenses;

  • Shipping management;

  • Analysis of tax benefits;

  • Drawback/Reintegra, etc;

  • Tax regime analysis;

  • Preparation of several projects for internationalization;

  • Intermediation to exchange currency; 

  • Among other services. 


  • Esfera has unlimited RADAR for operations that require import and resale.

Among the top 10 importers of fuel in the country!





We have an ANP (National Petroleum Agency) license and authorization for fuel import operations.

With a specialized team, our goal is to make operations feasible and add value to the management of the shipment, making the necessary obligatoriness with the dispatchers and other service providers.

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Esfera Assessoria e Negócios Internacionais 

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Independência Boulevard Square

Rua Terezinha Borges dos Santos, nr 15 – Sala 201, Bairro Panazzolo - CEP 95082-337

(55) 54 3041 3030

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